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Yet Another EVE Blog


I am .., well, who I am doesn't really matter at all. Let's call me simply the backseat FC.

I once swore to myself that I'd never do something as foolish as to write yet another superfluous blog. Yet here I am, currently writing my first rambling entry to the umpteenth Eve Online blog which probably will end with zero to five readers, wondering how I got into this situation and why I don't let myself be paid for writing this stuff by one of the big Eve news sites.

The final straw leading to the (likely fatal) decision to start this blog was the two piece guest article by Ripard Teg at Crossing Zebras which woke my desire to respond to his statements and find a place to voice my own opinions and draw my own (of course superior) conclusions about current happenings in regard to the meta game.

The Author

Playing Eve Online only since 2012, I am a senior gamer with scarce spare time at hand and thus content to serve as a member of the line in my corp. 
When writing senior I mean that I was one of the pioneers at PC-gaming while friends had ataris, c64 and later amigas. I was among the first to play games over the Internet like my favourite MUD NannyMUD, an avid fan of the early FPS (W3D, DOOM, DN3D etc.) and hardcore quake gamer.

When one of PLs high profile FCs in this conflict, Killah Bee was born, I had already earned my first bachelor degree. 

During my time at university I built a successful multi-gaming team whose players partially went on to become pro gamers, was active in the leadership of several MMORPG-power guilds and generally very busy and vocal in the competitive gaming scene. 

This changed as usual after leaving university, starting to work full time and marrying. I worked for one of the biggest auditing firms worldwide, started my own law and tax firm later until I sold it and started my current job as treasurer and deputy mayor of a municipality. Being married the 2nd time with two (soon three) kids I split what little time is left for gaming between my beloved shooters, Eve and the occasional new game. 

As every backseat FC in each and every fleet going out, of course I'm 100% positive that I know better what's going on and how to solve problems than those who spend terrific amounts of time and effort on the matter. 

My Eve Career 

After long years of refusing every attempt to lure me into this hellhole, a long time gaming friend of mine managed to persuade me after months of persistence to try the free trial month at least. 

Within the first three days I decided that high sec wasn't for me and left for low sec, only to return a bit later to learn some basic small scale pvp in RvB. Shortly thereafter I got the itch again and left, now already two months into the game, for null sec, where I have stayed hence. 

In all my career I have only been member of a single player Corp, which I still am part of. 
I enjoyed a wonderful time with this Corp in providence, fighting Russians, Thorn/Test and PL, until we moved north and joined the CFC.
By now I have used most ship classes in the game below titans (which I don't have any desire to pilot) and am what most would call a bittervet.

The Blog

Now, why the blog?  Why not write on EN24 or TMC, have a far larger readership and even get paid a truckload of ingame currency to fuel my own private RMT empire like all those other guys with poor writing skills? 

Why do my own blog in a foreign language which our educational system did a pretty poor job of teaching me and which I largely taught myself by reading books, watching movies and talking to American, British and Scandinavian gaming pals? At the larger sites I'd be corrected by an editor and my ramblings would be brought into coherence. 

Well, the truth is, I want to present my, obviously superior views of the state of the game, unchecked by ideological direction of the platform. Both of the larger sites are basically propaganda machines where content is reportedly heavily moderated.

I know that no side in the current conflict,  which is only the escalation of the last years' events, is right or wrong.  Both have their strengths and weaknesses. I want to report essentially neutral with as low bias as possible when personally involved. 

As every  jurist I'm absolutely convinced that I have a substantiated knowledge of everything and am better suited to judge any facts than anyone else. 

This makes me the perfect backseat FC and of course qualifies me for blogging my personal opinions to help people to get enlightened.

If anyone actually read through all this and against all odds wasn't  bored to death by now, I will start with actual content in my immediately upcoming second entry. 

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