Sonntag, 10. April 2016

SMA leaving the CFC, state of the coalition

As everyone will have read already on Reddit, the SpaceMonkey's Alliance has announced to leave the CFC with blue standings and in good faith.

I have to admit, I'm a tad surprised. My guess would have been for them to split apart and finally disappear into obscurity, especially taken their stable and examplary leadership into consideration.

But now they chose to split from the CFC and to follow their own fortune however that may look (I have high expectations when such an elite team is considered). Where does this leave the CFC and how does it influence the outlook I wrote down three days ago?

Well, I'll have to admit, the loss of SMA is a blow to the CFC, even in the sorry state it is. Not because of their great leadership, their wellknown PvP elitists, their FCs or even their good looks. It's one alliance everyone connected to the CFC and nobody could imagine to exist outside of the coalition anymore. SMA used to have almost 4k members, even though only a bit more than 2k members are left now (no idea how many renters). They were holding Fade (Fortress Fade) and were a longtime member of the CFC which also identified pretty much with the coalition.

Honestly I have no idea how the rest will behave, Razor is deemed to be very stable and they have lost their home so often, once more should be no ragnarok for them. The Bastion is basically an extension of Goonswarm with assimilated leadership. Interesting will be how Fcon, Lawn and TNT decide to continue after this onslaught. So far the CFC still has about 32,5k members, even if half of them are spies or ratting alts and the other half is inactive.

Apparently in addition to the help of stainwagon our leadership has now managed to buy the help of XIX/Solar to try to ease the pressure on the north, though I deem this to be a little bit too late to be of any relevance now, but who knows, maybe it helps to slow down the attackers some more.

We'll see and it will stay interesting to see how things develop, maybe it's time Mittani will pull his joker and have some alliances disbanded or something.

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