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State of the Imperium

Ok, here we go at it again.

Quite some things have happened, the authists still haven't stopped shitposting on reddit (who would have guessed), so it's about time to write another entry about the state of the imperium.


Ok, this is the easy part. GSF is still the most powerfull alliance in the game barred PL in combination with their meatshield Horde. 17k members (low activity grade of course, as stated in earlier entries) and a huge capswarm/fight club/titan swarm make them an alliance that can kick any entity out of their space when not fighting the whole of eve. Therefore there exists no worries about the ownership of Deklein, they can retake it at will whenever they feel like it, provided there's no longer the whole NC./PL/Snuff/Tishu supercap fleet around.

The membership itself isn't very happy with the leadership in some parts, not as much because there's no fighting but more so because somewhat popular people left and the feeling of the alliance has changed. As everyone knows how Mittani lead the alliance to it's height of power and he controls as well all votes as the out-of-game infrastructure, there's no doubt as to the loyality of the memberbase.

The Allies

FCon left the Imperium and bled members heavily, joining SMA in leaving at blue standings. Razor, Exe and Init apparently are joining FCon in a deployment to Syndicate or whereever without officially leaving the CFC. 

This leaves the goons with their elite fighting forces of The Bastion, TNT and LAWN (in order of leetness of course) to fight back against the invasion.

People there are mostly sitting out or having some fun in bomber or inty fleets, occasionally taking out battleships or cruisers as highlights.

Why Stand With Goons?

The question keeps popping up on reddit. Morons keep asking how any decent player could keep fighting side by side with goons or follow The Mittani.

The reason is that all allies are closely integrated into SIGs (Special Interest Group - like EuroGoons, Miniluv, Bomberwaffe), I fly more with goons and other allied alliances than in fleets of my own alliance. I basically choose fleets with my favourite FCs where I know I'll have fun, I fly in SIGs I like to join in their activity. I know most likely as much or more goons as I do members of my own alliance. 

The CFC is not only a loose union to serve a purpose, all members are integrated into a tight network of activities and friendships.

Are some people disappointed with the failure in defending the realm? Sure, some people might be that stupid. Lots of people on Reddit shout how cowardly the CFC is handing out their sov while Test and others fought to the last man. 

Where did that put Test? They lost all their sov anyways and almost died in the process, shedding most of their memberbase, losing their coalition completely and ending sovless with 3.5k members instead of 12k members, also being broke and ridiculed by everyone.
Yeah, they clearly profited from their last-stand fight they put down.

The people who are with the CFC since some years do know that this is not the way of the CFC. We fight dirty, we fight mean, or we don't fight at all. The CFC only sends out fleets if the chances for victory are clearly in our favour. If not, we blueball the opponents. This has been the case in all of the wars of the recent past and is known by everyone.

Nobody's in a hurry over here. The CFC has been pushed back multiple times in the past, goonswarm has completely lost their sov several times already. There's little doubt that goons and allies will retake as much of the lost systems as desired once some of the big players have left the north (which will definitely happen). In the current situation a real battle can not be won, and there's no reason to throw good money after bad by burning a ton of assets in engagments that were lost before they began. 

So the focus will remain on harrassing the attackers and retake sov where the fleets have moved on. When the war is done and the dust has settled we'll see how many alliances with how many members will be part of the CFC and how much space is required and defendable. 

But What About The Grunts That Can't Rat Anymore?

Those that allegedly complain about not being able to fund their living anymore should wake up and realize that ratting in nullsec is actually one of the worst ways to fund their expenses. They might find out that incursions or L4s or even wormholes and FW make a lot more money than ratting, not to talk about Trading.

But What About Lack Of Respect

But FC, Alex said some really mean things about other alliances, how can members of those remain and not desert like the other proud alliances did?

People who talk like this apparently never were part of a fleet in the CFC. If you aren't insulted and screamed at, you can count yourself lucky (ok, you most likely didn't fuck up as many others). 

The logs pasted were talks between people behind closed doors and never supposed to be made public. Honestly, you don't want to hear what your boss most likely is talking to his management buddies about your sorry ass when you're not listening neither. 

Is it nice to hear that the big Alex doesn't give a damn about Fcon? Not really. Is it a reason to pack up all things, shed 50% of the member base and 100% of sov and head out? Not really neither. 
Of course The Mittani has to care about the whole of the coalition and his own alliance in the first place. The sentences were taken completely out of context, starting with the line where he demeaned Fcon. If the discussion was about whether to send out fleets to help FCon or support evac that was way too late because allies didn't head the warning and didn't evacuate their regions when told to do so, I'd be fully understanding to this sentiment of our dearest leader.

Last but not least respect has to be earned. It was always clear that the allies were supposed to defend their regions in their own responsibility. The coalition would come to help when a major attack was incoming that local forces could not repel by itself. This time however there was fighting on all sides of the empire. The goons tried for a while to help everywhere, but the long travels soon would burn out the pilots, therefore the decision was made to pull back to saranen and defend from lowsec as history proved that nullsec staging in blockwars is the most stupid thing you could do.

Did the allied forces heed the warning and move in time into NPC space? Only 2 of them. What about those that ignored all calls for a retreat and rather had their stagings headshotted with trillions of assets trapped? Did they earn respect? I honestly doubt it. But hey, we're the CFC, we fuck up frequently, nobody will kick you out if you screw up like NC. or PL might do. Just don't complain if you're dissed in coalition leadership channels.

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